01.26.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Paula Abdul, the slurring mess who left “American Idol” because Fox rightly recognized she wasn’t worth the millions of dollars she demanded, is now being pursued by “Dancing with the Stars” — and ABC has even sweetened the pot enough to allow her to appear on Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” on Fox.

ABC has offered Abdul a $1,000,000 development deal, with one catch — she has to appear on “DWTS,” sources tell TMZ. ABC has been going after Paula for a few years now, trying to get her on “DWTS.”

According to the proposed deal, ABC would allow Paula to do “The X Factor” with Simon Cowell. We’re told Simon and Paula met a week ago to discuss the show, and it looks like it will happen. [TMZ]

Am I insane? Is there some sort of reality competition business model that requires a show to hire an expensive, unreliable fading star with addiction problems? David Hasselhoff, Mary Murphy, Paula Abdul… these people CAN’T FORM COHERENT SENTENCES. I’m just about the least professional person on the planet, but even *I* don’t start drinking until like 4:00 p.m. Well, usually.

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