Someone Created A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sigil For All 50 States

Where once you couldn’t go on Facebook without seeing at least five people with a Mad Men Yourself picture as their avatar (“I am such a philandering drunk!”), the same is now true with Game of Thrones sigils. They’re as omnipresent as BuzzFeed “which yogurt topping are you?” quizzes, except not the worst thing ever. (Plus, it’s fun to use the word “sigil.”) We’ve covered NFL teams and, um, NHL teams before, and now thanks to “boo-yay” comes a sigil (see!) for all 50 states. Here’s how he did it.

I either used the states motto, “tweaked” the motto, went by the state slogan, or made a play on the states nickname or popular saying.

I am such a dead longhorn skull on a fake Texas flag!

Check out the rest of them here.

Via Imgur