Someone Finally Put Chewbacca In The Opening Titles For ‘Louie’

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This comes via Nerdist and it’s a damn near perfect send up of the opening titles to Louie. With Louis C.K. returning to TV this week and Star Wars getting another release on top of The Force Awakens, it’s a good time for comedy and wookies.

Now aside from all the obvious name stuff, it makes the most sense that Chewbacca would take Louis C.K.’s place at the front of the show. He’s overlooked, he’s a side player in life, and most of his glory is stolen by the others around him. But despite all of that, people still love him and praise him.

Screw a medal, give Chewbacca a television show. Let him strut his stuff.

(Via Nerdist / The AV Club)