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Random House is releasing Tracy Morgan’s book, “I Am the New Black”, next Tuesday.  He dishes about his SNL castmates with anecdotes like this:

“I had my finger on the pulse of urban comedy, but when I brought my act to ‘SNL,’ those mother——— just felt bad for me. None of the cast I came up with saw this future for me. No, sir. All I have to say about that is, where’s Chris Kattan* now? Where’s Cheri Oteri now? That b—- can’t even get arrested.”

[…] “I invited everyone to go down there one week. And Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch and a few others came along. I didn’t tell any of them what they were in for, so it was all cool when we got there. At first . . . they thought it was just a private party. Then these two girls came out onstage and started [engaging in sex acts], and that just shut it down. All the grips and crew guys from ‘SNL’ were standing around and loving it, but my castmates took one look at that, turned right around and rushed out of there.” [nydailynews]

There’s also a great interview in GQ, my favorite part of which was this:

One can definitely see the roots of your comedy in your dad. In the book, you describe him pointing to the bleachers at your high school and telling you not just that you were conceived under the bleachers but that it was doggy style and he “gave it to her good.”


* By the way, Chris Kattan is in my crawlspace if anybody was wondering.  (Nobody was.)

[Thanks to Filmdrunk for the banner pic.]

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