Someone Has Already Started Chronologically Editing ‘Arrested Development’ Season Four

It was only a matter of time before someone made it — the question was how good it was going to be. Redditor “Clawtrocity” has chronologically re-edited episodes one and two of Arrested Development season four (“Flight of the Phoenix” and “Borderline Personalities”), with the “rest of these episodes [planned] over the next week or two.”

Consider it anustart of the season, which as you know, was intentionally (and brilliantly) all over the place, with certain jokes set up in one episode but not completed until hours later. The chronological edit is an interesting experiment that works better than it should (the season now starts with Gob and…I forget her name? Anna something?) and allows you to focus more on the individual gags, not where you are on the show’s timeline.

Watch them here (note the password), especially if you want to GET AWAY, STAY AWAY from going outside.

(Via Reddit)