Someone In Ohio Is Posting Flyers For A ‘Straight White Guy Festival’

It sounds like a terrible joke reserved for a Saturday Night Live sketch after the second musical performance, but the plight of the straight white male seems to be real. Ohio’s WBNS has delivered the news of an event that may actually be giving a voice to the so-called disenfranchised majority. Someone has been posting flyers around the city of Clintonville advertising the “Straight White Guy Festival” on September 20, and the residents are simply… indifferent, actually.

WBNS’s Paul Aker hit the streets to get to the bottom of this bizarre event, and while he said that it looks like a hoax, it still made for some good man on the street questions and answers. A representative of a local organization that supports same sex marriage claimed that the flyer isn’t funny or helpful to their cause, but other people didn’t see anything wrong with it. I agree with the guy with the nose piercing, though, that if people want to have a festival, let ‘em have a festival. Festivals are fun!