Someone Made A Great Parody Of Those Incredibly Vague ‘Previously On Mad Men’ Clips

There are very few things that Matthew Weiner hates more than spoiling the action on upcoming episodes of Mad Men (I imagine he has it somewhere between “fire ants” and “genocide” on his list), which means the “Previously on…” and “Next time on…” segments that bookend the show are always hilariously vague. John Mulaney touched on this is in his excellent “Shut the door” bit on Weekend Update a few years back, but now someone has gone ahead and made an actual parody of the “Previously on” segment out of clips from last week’s episode (plus a few other surprises). It’s not bad, and I won’t spoil the funniest parts for you because I am a gentleman and I care about you and want you to be happy, but let’s just say that there’s a line at the 0:51 mark that would have made whichever episode it was supposedly from about 400x more interesting.

And speaking of Mad Men, our former editor Matt Ufford sent me this picture a few weeks ago, and I totally blanked on posting it until this very moment. Inexcusable on my part. I think you’ll see why.

(via Pop Culture Brain)