Someone Needs to Greenlight This

09.23.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

This is a spec promo commercial for HBO’s “Boxing After Dark” called “I Still Have a Soul,” which unfortunately means that it’s a standalone short film, not a trailer for a new series. It’s about a homeless man who scrounges for money in a variety of ways to pay for training at a boxing gym in pursuit of his dream to be a fighter, and it’s outstanding.

There isn’t a single word of dialog in the video, yet it’s still more compelling than anything I’ve seen for “Lights Out,” FX’s forthcoming drama about a former heavyweight champ (teaser trailer here). Probably because the former heavyweight champ in “Lights Out” is a white Irish guy. Really? We’re still doing this in 2010? Do people who make movies and films about boxing even know that there are black actors?

[Paradise Square via The Daily What; also watch on Vimeo]

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