Someone Took The Time To Stalk Former ‘Nickelodeon GUTS’ Contestants

The next time you’re watching a repeat of Password on Game Show Network at 1:30 a.m., because you can’t sleep and what is life if not a game show and that Lee Vines what a card, try to guess what the contestants are up to these days. What did they do with their winnings? Are they successful? Are they broke? Do they live in your town? Have they ever been arrested? Actually, if they were on Password in 1962, there’s a good chance they’re dead, so stop thinking about mortality, switch from GSN to Nickelodeon, and watch the death-free GUTS.

Most of that show’s contestants are still kicking, and because the only feeling comparable to CRUSHING the Aggro Crag is looking for forgotten names from your childhood on social media websites, someone took the time to track down dozens of former GUTS competitors on Facebook. The findings were then published on Stalking GUTS, one of the more instantly reassuring Tumblrs. It’s good to know you’re doing better in life than the Destructor, y’know?

That last guy has appeared on his fair share of “Hebrew Hunks” Tumblrs before, too.

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