Something for the Ladies

05.06.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

“Mad Men” is presently filming Season 4 (scheduled to debut in late July), and would you look at that. Look at that GD pimp. Jon Hamm is one suave-looking son of a bitch. I think a good show would be a spin-off of “Mad Men” where Don Draper drives vintage convertibles while giving voiceover narration.

Anyway, there are many many many photos of Jon Hamm being a handsome bastard, from the Daily Mail to Best Week Ever, which found the mother lode here. Here’s my favorite picture, which looks like Hamm/Draper is getting road head:

Unfortunately, there are other pictures that shoot down the road head theory, but I’m going to choose to ignore them. The way I see it, Don Draper totally gets blown while driving a cherry red Chrysler Imperial. As well he should.

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