Phil Lord And Chris Miller Announce ‘Son Of Zahn,’ Their New Live-Action/Animated Show For Fox

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Another groovy-sounding project is on the way from the duo that brought us The Last Man on Earth and The LEGO Movie. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have announced Son of Zahn, a new sitcom for Fox that will star an animated Barbarian father who returns to his live-action family after 10 years away from them. So far, only the son has been cast — Johnny Pemberton, who previously worked on 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street with Lord and Miller, will be the titular Son of Zahn, also known as Alan. That character is described as “moody,” so trying to contend with an animated father is just way too much for a teenager to deal with. And once they do solve their differences, how do they even hug?

The premise of the show revolves around the cartoon Barbarian returning from his exciting, dangerous animated world and trying to re-adjust to life at a boring office job in the real world. And probably clashing with all kinds of technology, much like his caveman ancestors.

The pilot, which will be 8-10 minutes long, will shoot this summer. No word yet on a premiere date or what kind of animation (2D or 3D) will bring the Barbarian to life.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)