Sonic The Hedgehog Goes Full ‘Inception’ In His Latest Cartoon

[protected-iframe id=”24f257d3507ec546e3805e75f1ba15aa-60970621-60059703″ info=”” width=”650px” height=”400px”]

Sonic Boom is a pretty conventional kids’ show. Sonic and his buddies fight Eggman, crack jokes, drive around in vehicles you can just so happen to buy at Toys R’ Us, and so on. But it seems the show’s got just a little bit more of a weird vibe than we thought.

The clip is from an episode where Sonic inadvertently offends Mike the Ox by calling him “just a guy,” implying that Mike isn’t as valuable as the rest of the talking mutated animals Sonic hangs out with. Mike promptly begins annoying Sonic, and Sonic tries to escape into his happy place, then his happy place’s happy place, and, when woken by a beeping, Inception-style, into a brief clip that shows, well, this:

The implication is that all of Sonic Boom is, in fact, just the idle daydream of a fortyish man who wears a low-budget Sonic costume constantly, even when doing menial errands around the house. Either that or he lives in a fanfic mashup of Sonic and King of the Hill. Either way, that’s some heavy meta-comedy for a kids show, even by Cartoon Network standards.

(Via Polygon, Thanks to Greg for the tip.)