‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Is Getting A Post-Show, But It’s Online And Only Three Episodes

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08.28.13 12 Comments


At its very core, this is some pretty good news. Like a few of our other favorite shows – the most notable being AMC’s The Walking Dead and Breaking BadFX’s Sons of Anarchy is getting its very own post-show series, Anarchy Afterword, on which the host and guests will break down specific plot lines and stories, while getting to the bottom of some of the show’s deeper moments. The reason that it’s not great news, as we’d expect it to be, is that the show will only be available online and it will only be three episodes.

First they killed off Opie and now this. I just can’t keep dealing with all of this pain, FX.

The cable network has picked up three episodes of the post-show. Each 30-minute installment will stream live on FX’s website after the East Coast airing and be tied to the 90-minute season six premiere — set for Sept. 10 — as well as episode five and the season finale. FX will keep the content online for weeks so those who missed the live episode can catch it. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

The series will be hosted by Chelsea Lately writer Chris Franjola, who I know nothing about except that he likes to make up names for bad strip clubs on Twitter, and that’s something I can get behind. THR also revealed that Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter will be one of the guests on the show – I assume for all three episodes, but it wasn’t clear – and that’s another reason why this news isn’t as stellar as I want it to be.

If Sutter’s involved, three episodes simply won’t be enough. That man should have a nightly talk show with no time limits, because it would be worth it just to watch him talk about everything from his own show to anything that random people say to him. There could be a small studio audience and each member shouts out one word at a time, so he can just run off rants about them. Better yet, just give him a 24/7 live feed on his own network.

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