'Sons of Anarchy' Season Five Teaser Trailer: The Weight of Power

Kurt Sutter is such a hack. He’s one of the worst writers working in television. No wonder he’s never gotten an Emmy. Sons of Anarchy is ass. How could he let Tara live for so long? How does he live with himself?

Actually, I don’t mean any of that — except for the part about Tara. She should totally die. However, I understand that if you call out Kurt Sutter on your blog, Kurt Sutter will magically appear and call you horrible names in the comments and it’s a lifelong dream of mine to be called a “fatc*ntblogger” by Kurt Sutter.

Here’s a tweet from last year, for instance.

fatc*ntbloggers. keep looking for a reason not to f–king kill yourselves. it’s gonna get harder everyday. eventually you will succumb.

and the day you lay bleeding out of the back of your head with a smoking gun barrel in your mouth, will be the day i begin my salsa lessons.

Damn, Kurt. If I weren’t such a self-hating fat blogger, I’d have probably taken offense to that. As it is, a teaser trailer for season five of Sons of Anarchy is out, and suddenly, I don’t feel like succumbing. I want to hang around for another six months to see how Sutter works out of the narrative jam he put himself in at the end of season four. I’m sure he’ll acquit himself admirably because, angry tweets notwithstanding, when Sutter is on, he’s one of the best, as we saw in all of season four leading up to the deux ex cop-out finale.

The teaser doesn’t give us any new footage from the upcoming season, but it strongly suggests that Jax is going to take a narrative nosedive. The power is going to go to his head; he’s going to ignore the counsel of his wife and mother, and figuratively speaking, he’s going to end up at the bottom of a ravine.

I cannot wait. Bring it hard, Sutter.



Great song.

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