‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actor Condones Beating Up Women Who Cheat, Gives Weirdest Apology Ever

Somebody thought it might be a good idea to ask Chuck Zito — former president of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels, celebrity bodyguard, and a once recurring cast member on Sons of Anarchy — what he thought of War Machine beating up his wife, Christy Mack.

Zito was not very graceful with his comments, saying basically that it had “nothing to do with the Hells Angels,” and that it was a “personal matter,” and that War Machine “just overreacted,” but if it were “my girl, I’d be doing the same thing.” And then he punched his fist in his hand in a way to suggest that, yes, he’d beat the shit out of his girlfriend or wife if she cheated.


That’s a sh*tty thing to say. And naturally, social media went apesh*t on him, wishing upon Zito the very cancer he’s had to contend with. Zito quickly took to TMZ to make the weirdest apology ever. He says that he never said it was OK for War Machine to beat up Christy Mack. However, he did admit to saying that he would beat up his own wife or girlfriend for cheating, but then went on to say, “But that was my own personal feelings.” He then said he chose his words poorly, and what he MEANT to say when he said “If it were my girl, I’d [beat her up] too,” was, and I’m paraphrasing here, “If someone touched my wife or girlfriend, I’d kill them and spend the rest of my life in jail.”

In other words, he doesn’t condone domestic violence, but he does condone murder, unless it was War Machine or something, who “just overreacted.”

Good. I’m glad we got that squared away.

Source: TMZ