The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cast Reportedly Had The Cops Called On Them At A Reunion

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05.31.16 6 Comments


This weekend was supposed to be a treat for Sons of Anarchy fans living in Houston, Texas. The SAMCRO gang — including Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Kim Coates, Mark Boone, Jr., and Tommy Flanagan — was getting back together at Space City Comic Con. What could go wrong? Everything.

A source told Bleeding Cool that the reunion was “truly insane… I don’t know everything that happened but people definitely were scammed, money seems to have been stolen, celebrities fled, the staff may not have been paid, the cops were called on the cast of Sons of Anarchy, and a lot more true weirdness and pandemonium at a sparsely attended show in a huge convention hall.”

Official Ava Jade Cosplay, who attended the convention, got the story from Sons actor Rusty Coones (Rane Quinn). He said that the cast was informed the “credit card provided by the promoter would not be accepted,” and that “it would be cash only for their rooms.” Not a great way to take care of your guests. It also didn’t help that when Hunnam tried to deposit a check, he discovered it “was written from an account that had been CLOSED.” The entire cast went to confront the promoter, who in turn called the cops on them.

The panel schedule was completely jacked up, the cast was not given the correct times for photo ops and for panels. The Friday panel was canceled due to the AVI team refusing to allow anyone onstage until they were paid. They were promised payment upfront, instead they weren’t paid and pulled the plug on the event. The cast was all there waiting to go on. It seems that the event promoter broke the contract not once, but TWICE. (Via

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