‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Final Season Teaser: Fear The Reaper

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07.08.14 29 Comments

The seventh and final season of Kurt Sutter’s Hamlet inspired Sons of Anarchy will kick off this fall. We know that Marilyn Manson will be in it and what he’ll look like, we know that Walton Goggins will return for the final season (LET HIM BE FORTINBRAS), and we know that Charlie Hunnam will play the final season clean-shaven.

We also know that most everyone in the cast will eventually die. That’s how Hamlet ended. That’s what Kurt Sutter wants for Sons of Anarchy. The turning point in Hamlet was the death of Ophelia, and that’s what (SPOILERS) Tara’s death at the end of the sixth season represented. From here on out, everyone gets their comeuppance. It’s dying time, and the reaper is here to collect. It’s not a matter of if a character will die, but how long they get to survive the final season, and it will probably come down to Gemma and Jax in the end. The immovable bro-walk vs. the unstoppable bitch.

As the teaser to the teaser trailer suggests (the full teaser will premiere during The Bridge tomorrow night), Jax will be the Reaper. Or the Reaper will be coming for him. Or both. The point is: SKULLS. EVERYONE DIES. FEAR THE REAPER. And worse: FEAR THE KURT SUTTER MUSICAL MONTAGE.

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