Was Gemma From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ The Most Manipulative TV Character Of All Time?

(Spoilers ahead.)

Sons Of Anarchy ended over a year ago, but its fans will never let it die. We’ll always be waiting to patch in, ready to ride again. We’ve got the Mayan spin-off coming up (with or without Kurt Sutter behind it), and you can even take a quick trip to Dubai for an SOA-Titanic joint theme park. It’s not just the comradery, bikes, and guns that stick with the fans, but the strong performances from the entire ensemble. Plus an intense hatred of the very, very manipulative Gemma Teller-Morrow.

Any true SOA fan who says they were bummed to see Gemma finally bite it at the end of the series clearly weren’t watching the entire show, specifically the last season, which is really just a testament to Katey Sagal’s performance. Gemma was cunning, clever, and set about causing the deaths of who knows how many. Although the Walter White of Sons Of Anarchy may not have always seemed like the villainous puppetmaster she died as, the signs were always there.

Gemma consistently hid behind a shield of love for her family to get exactly what she wanted. You don’t have to go very far into the first season to see it first-hand: When Gemma gives Wendy a loaded needle to cause her overdose after nearly killing Jax’s kid. She wanted to be the only one with influence over Jax’s life and killed anyone who got in her way. She told countless lies, stabbed with a carving fork, and stuck a gun in a baby’s face to ensure her seat of power.

The bullet that finally kills her in season seven was a long time coming. In a world with Walter White, Tony Soprano, and Littlefinger, Gemma Teller Morrow will always be remembered as one of the most manipulative of all.