‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Could’ve Been A Lot Different If It Hadn’t Been For Kurt Sutter’s ‘Angry Emails’

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06.11.17 5 Comments

While Kurt Sutter wasn’t in person at the ATX TV Fesitval in Austin — though he apparently assured the crowd he was allowed in the state of Texas according to Variety — his presence was felt via a FaceTime session during the Sons Of Anarchy directors panel with Paris Barclay and Adam Arkin. And when Sutter is involved and talking frankly, you know you’re usually in for a good time.

While streaming in, Sutter went into detail about the beginnings of Sons Of Anarchy and how FX initially pushed for it to be a different show than what we saw in the final product. As it turns out, Sutter’s stubbornness and the show’s natural progression saved it from becoming some other type of animal:

“Serialized dramas were struggling and there was a mandate to do standalone episodes,” he said. “All I knew how to do was a serialized drama. It was difficult. Then the serialization got so deep by episode five or six, they took the handcuffs off and I got to do what I wanted to do.”

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