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The numbers are in for Tuesday night’s Season 2 premiere of “Sons of Anarchy,” and it exceeded expectations by miles. Probably because Henry Rollins as a white separatist going up against a motorcycle gang led by Ron Perlman is the best idea ever.

The second season premiere hit a series high by a mile, growing 95% (!!!) in the adult demo compared to its first season premiere. “Sons” was seen by 4.3 million viewers and earned a 2.8 demo rating. That represents the largest season two premiere gain for any series in FX’s history (“The Shield” returned to a 3% increase and “Nip/Tuck” had a 33% gain).

This is great news for FX, a network that’s doggedly stuck to its quality shows brand even as its veteran dramas have inevitably sagged and newer efforts have underwhelmed.

What’s the show’s secret? I’ll tell you its secret: violent murder of Hispanics, huge-ass beards, motorcycles, tattoos, white trash stripper tits, and HOLY CRAP NAZI GANG RAPE AGAINST A CHAIN-LINK FENCE. Oh man, sh-t got REAL in that episode. You can bet your A I’ll be watching again next week. I’m too afraid of what Henry Rollins will do to me if he finds out I missed it.

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