The PTC Is Outraged By Last Week’s ‘Pornographic’ ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Sex Scenes

You’ve gone and done it now, Kurt Sutter: you’ve pissed off the Parents Television Council, devoted Sons of Anarchy fans, all of them, and they won’t be tuning in anymore. They were so shocked and offended by the montage of sex scenes that opened last week’s entertaining episode that they wrote a strongly worded statement. Meanwhile, FX responded by throwing it in the same trashcan as season two of Terriers (aw, now I made myself sad).

“It’s official: In order to watch cable news, ESPN, Disney, or the History Channel, every family in America must now also pay for pornography on FX. Last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy opened with the most sexually explicit content we’ve ever seen on basic cable, content normally found on premium subscription networks like HBO or Showtime,” PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement.

The organization expects “other basic cable networks to air similar — or even more explicit — content in the name of ‘staying competitive,’” and is taking advantage of the Sons of Anarchy complaint to continue its push for the unbundling of cable options.

“Families should not be forced to underwrite pornography. Cable Choice is a solution whose time has come, and there could hardly be a better example of it than this,” Winter added. “We call on Congress, the FCC, and the Federal Courts to give cable consumers real choice when it comes to deciding which networks they actually want to purchase.” (Via)

Sons going from Jax boning a prostitute who was introduced, like, two episodes ago to Nero and Gemma’s sad sex to Tig becoming a better man with Venus to Chibs and Jarry getting their gross hate-plowing on to Rat acting like a rat bastard to his girlfriend to Happy being happy to Wendy pleasuring herself to Marilyn Manson ass-raping Juice wasn’t even the season’s most “won’t somebody think of the children” montage. At least no one was singing “Greensleeves.”

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