Sookie Stackhouse Lines For When You’re Just Trying To Keep It Together

While she eventually found out that she’s a fairy (to quote: “how f*cking lame?!”), Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) was just your regular small town waitress when True Blood(which you can stream anytime on HBO Now) began. Sure, she could read minds, but she certainly wasn’t cued into the insane world of vampires, werewolves, and shifters that she was living on the fringe of. Because of her upbringing with the sweet, dearly departed Gran, Sookie always managed to be down to earth despite the fact that her life, romantic and otherwise, became a tornado of supernatural madness.

If you feel like the only normal one in your increasingly insane life, Sookie is a good role model for keeping it together as best as you can. The next time you find yourself dumbfounded by the weirdness around you, these Sookie quotes will help you keep everything in perspective.

“This feels a little bit like what a vampire bar would look like if it were a ride at Disney World.”

Faced with a leather clad Eric Northman draped across his absurd throne, many would have been overwhelmed by a mix of fear and horniness, but Sookie managed to call out the ridiculousness of the situation. Anything you’re faced with is probably small potatoes compared to a blood drenched vampire bar, so keep it real by calling out the bulls*t.

“May I ask you a personal question?” — Bill

“Bill, you were just licking blood out of my head. I don’t think it gets much more personal than that.” — Sookie

When you’re dating a vampire, your relationship is bound to be a little… unorthodox. While Bill (Stephen Moyer) tried to be a Southern gentlemen at the beginning of their relationship, Sookie was the first to admit that this was pretty much impossible. The second that that much blood is involved in a relationship, any pretense of boundaries is out the window. Hopefully blood sucking is off the table in your dating life, but the sentiment could still be used when you’re trying to be realistic about your relationship.

“I keep expecting him to come through the door and say, ‘Sookeh!'”

Honestly, making fun of Bill’s ridiculous accent is the realest moment Sookie has in the entire series. The fact that she manages to poke fun at him is even better when it occurs after he’s been kidnapped by a crazed Nazi werewolf cult. If Sookie can stay grounded in the midst of the most insane situations with a well-deployed “Sookeh!,” then there’s no reason that you can’t next time you find yourself on the frustrating side of life.