Sophie Turner’s Behind-The-Scenes ‘Game Of Thrones’ Photo Has Taken On New Life As A Meme

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Game of Thrones has finally ended its series run, which has been subject to a widespread mixture of disappointment and relief — especially given the fan reception to the eighth and final season. The cast are also having mixed feelings about the end, given the fact that they’re seeing a nearly decade-long chapter of their lives come to a close. So following Sunday night’s finale, many of the stars took to social media to share photos and memories of their time spent working on Thrones, such as the below behind-the-scenes shot posted by Sophie Turner.

“The pack survived,” she captioned the photo, clearly captured between takes during the scene in which the faction of the seven kingdoms determine Bran to be the ruler of Westeros.

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The pack survived

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If you were wondering, why yes, that is a Juul vape in Sansa’s hand, while Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is showing off his pearly white gams (with a water bottle balanced on top of his head?) and Arya (Maisie Williams) is an entire “deal with it” mood. In others words, it didn’t take long for the photo to go insanely viral, given the aforementioned reasons.

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