Sophie Turner Doesn’t Want To Hear Your Defense For Littlefinger’s Actions On ‘Game Of Thrones’

WARNING: Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 7 ahead

With the season finale for Game Of Thrones behind us and its final season ahead, we should take another moment to look back at what we’ve just experienced — both good and bad. While the army of the dead was the true focus of the finale, be it Cersei’s double crossing or the Night King’s new ride, there was still a few things that needed to be accomplished in Winterfell. That’s where Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, was trying to have his way with the Stark children and undermine the new King of the North.

While it seemed like Littlefinger might’ve succeeded in pitting Sansa Stark against her recently returned sister, Arya, he didn’t anticipate the weird greenseeing of Bran Stark. When you’re attempting to stab nearly everybody you work with in the back, make sure nobody can see everything you’ve done in the past.

Littlefinger met his end, but that doesn’t mean everybody hated him or wanted to see him go. Like most real world controversial figures, there were some who thought that Baelish deserved the benefit of the doubt due to his more noble deeds. This includes his assistance that turned the tide in the Battle of the Bastards and his clear infatuation with Sansa. It ended with the man on his knees in Winterfell, but some out there feel he was cheated out of a more noble death.

But the one problem with this is that Sophie Turner apparently isn’t having any of it. She injected herself in this particular Twitter discussion on Littlefinger’s more redeeming qualities and threw some wildfire on it to remind everybody that he got just what he deserved:

It’s definitely hard to argue with that when you think about Sansa’s time with Boltons. Any defense you try to mount is just going to fall apart, which our Littlefinger fan finds out once they try to bring up his hand in killing Joffrey and saving the day against Ramsay Bolton:

You also need to note that this is just the stuff Littlefinger did to Sansa Stark. He has basically been a thorn in the family’s side since the beginning and even made his final act an attempt to have another one of the Stark kids killed. You have to be one of these folks writing to death row inmates looking for love to think that Littlefinger deserved some sympathy in the end.

(Via The AV Club)