The Real-Life Bada Bing! Strip Club Is Closing For A Very ‘Sopranos’ Reason

Is Satin Dolls, the real-life New Jersey strip club that served as the fictional setting for the Bada Bing! on The Sopranos, is shutting down due to a) too many health code violations from the gabagool in the buffet, b) the world finally getting tired of hearing “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” or c) criminal activity?

If you guessed “c,” congratulations, although “a” might be true, too.

New Jersey Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced that Satin Dolls is one of two Garden State strip clubs “ordered to cease operations,” reports, along with A.J.’s Gentleman’s Club. (Huh, I guess his job at Little Carmine’s production company didn’t work out.) They have until the 17th to “cease live entertainment due to alleged violations of state laws.”

The clubs and owners — identified as members of the Cardinalle family — have been under state investigation for more than six years, Porrino said.

“The division has alleged that Anthony Cardinalle, who was criminally disqualified from maintaining involvement with the clubs’ operations, nonetheless continued to run the businesses,” Porrino said. “The division also alleges that the owners failed to account for large amounts of cash flowing in and out of the businesses.” (Via)

“Illegal activity was glorified at the Bada Bing in the fictional world of Tony Soprano, but it has no place in modern-day New Jersey,” Porrino said. “It’s time to shut it down.” But the memory of Frank Sinatra’s poster will live on forever.