Ranking The Most Tragic Characters On ‘The Sopranos’

10.11.16 3 years ago

A show like The Sopranos, (available to stream anytime on HBO Now), set in the violent world of the mafia, is bound to have more than its share of tragedy. The world of mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) is based on usury, manipulation, intimidation, and murder, and anyone who got caught up in this world was bound to be chewed up and spit out like gum that’s lost all its flavor. Some of those who ended up discarded were lucky to walk away with nothing, where others weren’t able to walk away at all. Here are the 10 most tragic characters in Sopranos history.

10) ‘Pussy’ Bompensiero

Thanks to some well-timed food poisoning and a night of fever dreams, Tony realized what needed to be done after spending the better part of a year wrestling with the possibility that his associate and best friend, Sal ‘Big Pussy’ Bompensiero (Vincent Pastore), was talking to the FBI. Tony, Silvio, and Paulie (Tony Sirico) lured Bompensiero onto a boat in the middle of an ocean and, after a round of tequila shots, killed him. Knowing what was in store, Pussy even broke down and begged for forgiveness, going on and on about how he used disinformation in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to keep himself alive. It wasn’t enough, and in the end, they didn’t even let him sit down.

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