HBO Is Strangling Skinemax To Death (And Completion)

In news that will cause only those who have never heard of the Internet to feel pangs of sadness: Skinemax as we know it, or at least as we vaguely remember it from when we were 15 and didn’t have access to computers or magazines or pornos or that one scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, is no more. (“It’s not a wet dream, I swear; I just cried a lot…from below my chest.”) HBO, which owns Cinemax, is slowly changing the network’s programming away from bad topless actresses to slightly better topless actresses.

While HBO said its volume of softcore films for wee-hours Cinemax remains the same, it has quietly moved over the past two years to tamp down the channel’s notoriety as “Skinemax,” even at the risk of losing some of its loyal viewers…“The hope is that I don’t hear ‘Skinemax’ any time after our original programming start to really take over the (lineup),” said Michael Lombardo, HBO’s president of programming. (Via)

Don’t cry for Skinemax (and movies with titles like Playmate of the Apes); it’s already dead, because the Internet.

(Via Variety)