'Louie' Recap: The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments From 'Something Is Wrong'

Since season two of “Louie” ended last September, and especially over the past few weeks, we’ve spent so much time discussing why Louis C.K. is one of the greatest comedy minds ever, and why “Louie” will go down as a crowning achievement for television, that it’s nice to have something new that we can point to and say, “THIS is why Louis — and “Louie” — is f*cking brilliant.”

And right from the start, when Louie discussed needing new glasses because his dick looks blurry when he’s masturbating, “Something Is Wrong” was f*cking brilliant. It was uproarious, honest, weird, life-affirming, made no sense at times yet still made perfect sense (Louie’s ex-wife), and most of all, soul-crushing. For every episode of season three, 13 in total, we’re going to pick the most crushed-soul moments, so that by the end, you’ll have a flip book of uncomfortableness and scenes that make you want to cringe yourself into a tiny, insignificant speck of nothingness. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  • Harry Caray-like question: if you could buy a replacement penis, would you?
  • The Hudson Diner, where Louie did much of his squirming, is a decent restaurant. I’ve never had one of their salads, but I appreciate how April’s plate seemed to contain nothing but chicken, the way a salad should look.
  • April, played by the wonderful Gaby Hoffmann (best known as Maizy from Uncle Buck), looks like she could be Michael Imperioli’s sister.
  • Only Louis could make a traffic sign joke funny. For such an obvious visual gag, it was played wonderfully subtle by Louis and his befuddled partner-in-frustration. The difference between showing two confused men looking skyward at something they can’t comprehend and “WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH TRAFFIC SIGNS” is immense.
  • With Louie’s beautiful motorcycle drive around New York City (which is how he used to get to gigs in his younger days), editor Susan E. Morse has already proved her immense worth.
  • I still think Woody Allen is going to guest star this season.
  • Line(s) of the Night: “Well, I can’t be doing none of that. That’s crazy” and “What about Obama?”
  • Regarding Louie’s wife: you’re a total f*ck-up to let that one go, man.
  • OHHHHH, I get it: the motorcycle = replacement penis!

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