‘South Park’ Wants Your Erotic Drawings For This Week’s Episode

One fan-favorite South Park character will “come together” with another less-beloved regular, and Matt Stone and Trey Parker need your help. In this Wednesday’s episode, “Tweek x Craig,” the titular characters, future Valium addict Tweek and middle-finger-aficionado Craig, will be the subject of drawings done by Asian girls at South Park Elementary. Erotic drawings.

The Asian girls in school are drawing dreamy pictures of Tweek and Craig… The news of a romantic relationship between Tweek and Craig hits South Park Elementary. Mr. Mackey tries to figure out who started the rumor. Meanwhile, Cartman, who struggles to understand his friends’ relationship, finds he has an admirer of his own. (Via South Park)

The “dreamy pictures” will be drawn by fans, who can submit their best Tweek x Craig “yaoi” (a Japanese term that loosely translates to “Craig is a top and Tweek is a bottom”) to Comedy Central by tonight at 6 p.m. PST.

It’s an impressive campaign for two reasons: the quick turnaround, and it’s someone job to sort through thousands of drawings of Tweek and Craig (better known as Creek) kissing, boning, spooning, and generally ignoring each other’s safe space, and pick the best one. Sounds like a job for Butters.

(Via South Park)