Trey Parker & Matt Stone Say They Already Did Their ‘Pokemon Go’ Episode Back In 1999

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are gearing up for their 20th season of South Park and have been making a splash at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Since 1997 Parker and Stone have been on the pulse of pop culture, that’s why during their panel at SDCC on Friday someone asked the guys if they were going to tackle the phenomenon that is Pokemon GoParker had to drop a little South Park history and tell the packed crowd that they already did an episode about the popular game way back during season 3 of the hit Comedy Central series. Parker stated, “People keep telling us about this Pokemon Go thing and asking if we’re going to do something on that, and I’m like ‘We did, in 1999!'”

South Park buffs probably already know that Parker is talking about their Emmy-nominated episode and fan favorite “Chinpokomon” which revolved around the kids of South Park being obsessed with ‘Chinpokomon’ a Japanese entertainment franchise that is a clear parody of Pokemon. In the episode, the boys purchase Chinpokomon dolls that are equipped with location trackers which the Japanese government would use to help aid in their mission to control America.  Parker joked,“They stole our f*cking thing, so we’re going to sue them.”

The whole scenario at SDCC Friday was similar to another South Park episode from the sixth season called “Simpsons Did It” where Butters as Professor Chaos attempts to take over the world, but Dougie informs him that every plan he has The Simpsons already did it. Now that South Park is almost 20-years-old, it’s funny to see trends from earlier seasons making a retro comeback like Pokemon.

(via Time)