Did ‘South Park’ Re-Write The Post-Election Day Episode After Predicting A Win For Hillary Clinton?

Senior Pop Culture Editor


South Park is famous for last-minute rewrites.

The season 12 episode “About Last Night…,” which aired less than 24 hours after President Obama’s 2008 victory speech (and uses audio from it), was delivered to Comedy Central “right up against the wire,” according to co-creator Matt Stone. But let’s say the unthinkable happened, and John McCain beat Obama. Then Stone and Trey Parker had a contingency plan in place.

“Trey and I were going to get really drunk and play the show and do our own Mystery Science Theater 3000 over the top of it,” he said, “where we would badly dub in lines. You would have watched the scene where everyone was happy about Obama being president — but we would have badly and purposefully badly dubbed over the top ‘Oh my God! He didn’t win, we’re going to riot!’… There was a really stressful fifteen minutes there where we thought, ‘Oh man, what if we’re wrong?’ We really banked on it.”

Stone and Parker must be having flashbacks to eight years ago, because judging by the preview for Wednesday’s new episode, “The Very First Gentleman,” they were banking on Clinton, excuse me, “Turd Sandwich,” beating Trump/Mr. Garrison, er, “Giant Douche.” It appears the episode’s preview has been deleted, and the press release on Comedy Central’s website now leads to a “currently unable to handle this request” message.

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