Don’t Expect To See Trump And Clinton On ‘South Park’ This Season

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are better than Donald Trump. He’s too ridiculous even for South Park, a show that once aired an episode where a child fed his mortal enemy chili made of his dead parents while Radiohead watched. The only time Comedy Central’s long-running animated series mocked the taco bowl-lover in season 19 was with the head-flapping Canadian President who gets raped to death by Mr. Garrison. The lack of Trump was partially because, as Parker explained, they didn’t think he’d be relevant for very long. “We thought we’d better do this before it goes away,” he said at the Paley Center, while Stone added, “When you’re doing something that contemporary, you’re worried that it will drop out [of the news] the next week.” If only…

Plus, Parker prefers Mr. Garrison — who’s running for president — as a Trump stand-in because they “didn’t really want to service Trump as a character.” Stone continued, “We were like, f*ck him, we don’t want to give him the satisfaction.” Don’t expect to see much Hillary Clinton in season 20, either, even if her vagina is bomb-free. All Parker will say about the presidential candidates — other than he’d “probably” vote for Gary Johnson over both of them if he had any shot at winning — is that they’re “the giant douche and the turd sandwich.” He didn’t specific which is which, though. That’s what we should vote for this November. Is Trump a giant douche or turd sandwich?


(Via The Daily Beast)