‘South Park’ Blames Social Media And Trolls For Donald Trump’s Rise To Power

In the South Park season 20 finale, the intriguingly-titled “The End of Serialization as We Know It,” things in South Park — and the world — went back to normal. Gerald came home from Denmark, Cartman decided he didn’t want to live on Mars, and, oh yeah, the internet was destroyed and replaced with the “new” internet. Good riddance. The episode also checked in on President Garrison, who’s last seen surrounded by ‘Member Berries, who are more qualified to serve in his cabinet than Linda McMahon in Donald Trump’s.

As for Kyle, he summed up the season as a whole (and real life over the past couple of months) by blaming Trump’s, er, Garrison’s rise to power on the internet, specifically social media. “And so, life goes on,” he said. “The end of civilization didn’t happen… We’ve been given a second chance… Maybe now boys and girls can learn to respect each other again, realize how careful our online lives have to be. Because we’ve all seen what happens when the Twitters, and Facebooks, and trolls decide our reality… Now that we’ve been given a second chance, it’s up to all of us to see what we do with it.” (The “seen what happens” section happens while the camera is on Garrison.)

And what did humanity do with a second chance? “I showed him my d*ck and called him a f*g.” The more things change… Anyway, it’s clear that co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker partially fault social media for Trump’s rise to political power (fair), and specifically mention Facebook and Twitter.

This proves that Friendster was smart to tap out early. To paraphrase another animated series, don’t blame Friendster; they voted for Kodos.

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