‘South Park’ Solves The Columbus Day Debate By Letting Randy Marsh Play His Very Stupid Victim Card

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The latest South Park decided to take a look at another hot button issue, walking a similar path as the season premiere but going in a different direction once the episode got underway. This time, instead of the Charlottesville protests, the show focuses on the statue controversy and the ongoing debate over Christopher Columbus. It’s a good way for the show to keep with the topics that are in the headlines without actually focusing on Confederate monuments. And like most topics, South Park tackles it by focusing on the parts that are far from the actual issue at hand.

This time around, Columbus Day ends up being removed from the calendar at South Park Elementary, along with the day off from school that came with it.

The main reason behind the removal? Randy Marsh. He not only gets to be the focus of a second episode this season, he really gets to show off the outrageous and knee-jerk thoughts that have made him the best character on the show in the past.

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