‘South Park’ Is Not A Fan Of Baby Yoda And ‘The Mandalorian’

South Park is a show built for speed, and even the freshest of cultural moments and memes are quickly lampooned by the boys from Colordado. That includes the Disney+ show everyone is talking about, The Mandalorian.

Though only a few episodes old, The Mandalorian has already sparked an adorable string of memes that may be starting to wear on some Internet denizens. And the perpetual elementary school students of South Park appear to be growing tired of the show as well. On Wednesday’s episode, entitled Christmas Snow, Butters showed his waning interest in the show after a few strong initial episodes.

That’s a notable change from a perceived approval of the show, or at least Baby Yoda, both of which were mentioned earlier in Season 23. “Basic Cable” included a plotline about Disney+ and included a shot of Baby Yoda drinking a hot beverage.

The episode, of course, lampooned the streaming wars but it at least appeared to approve of — or at least exploit the appearance of — the small green 50-year-old. But Butters turning on the show certainly seems like a bad sign for its overall approval in South Park.

This doesn’t really mean much of anything outside of the fact that a more thorough lampooning of the Star Wars universe may be coming later. The episode that first featured Baby Yoda, for example, resulted in hundreds of accidental calls to a real person’s phone number. So there could be worse real-world consequences to a South Park episode. In any event, it seems you can’t please everyone.