Here's The Best Of Princess Kenny In 'South Park: The Stick Of Truth', You Bastards

South Park: The Stick of Truth came out yesterday, unless you’re in Germany. The Germans are still waiting while their copies have all the swastikas digitally removed. Other countries are getting censored versions with these two scenes removed.

Meanwhile, America has the full version — USA! USA! USA! — and, although a bit buggy, it makes for some excellent compilation videos.

The two compilations below were put together by CVG, who also uploaded spoiler-filled videos of The Stick of Truth‘s ending and its amazing celebrity cameo.

This first NSFW compilation rounds up the best Princess Kenny moments, including what happens when the Unicorn Stampede attack goes wrong. Let’s just say it doesn’t end in harmony harmony oh love.

Here also is their compilation of “8 Things To Do In South Park Before You Die”.