Last Night’s ‘South Park’ Absolutely Destroyed Donald Trump And The American Public

Those who tuned in last week to South Park‘s 19th season premiere to see Matt Stone and Trey Parker take dead aim at Caitlyn Jenner may have been disappointed that the episode didn’t fully deliver in that regard. They made up for it last night, however, by bringing back Caitlyn Jenner (illustrated to look like a Picasso painting), who — in two scenes — casually ran over someone and drove away, while onlookers continued to go about doing their business. It was a reference, of course, to a February incident in which Jenner left a woman dead after a car crash, an incident for which she reportedly will not be charged (also a incident that the media and public largely ignored this year).

The real meat of last night’s South Park episode, however, focused on Donald Trump, who had become the President of Canada. How did he become the President of Canada? Let this poor Canadian man who immigrated to America with his family explain.

The mockery of Trump in that opening scene, of course, extends to the American public, as well.

“There were several candidates during the Canadian election. One of them was this rash asshole who just spoke his mind. He didn’t really offer any solutions, he just said outrageous things. We just thought he was funny. Nobody ever thought he’d be President. It was a joke! But we just let the joke go on for too long. He kept gaining momentum, and by the time we were ready to say, ‘Let’s get serious now, who should really be President?’ he was already being sworn into office. We weren’t paying attention! We weren’t paying attention! (*sobs*)”

That is how Donald Trump ended up as President of Canada. Let that be a warning.

Also, if you’re wondering what’s going on at the end of that clip, it’s no big deal. It’s just Mr. Garrison literally raping and murdering Donald Trump.