Speaking Of Things We Do Not Want, A ‘True Blood’ Musical Might Be On The Way

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06.19.14 2 Comments


I like True Blood. It’s campy and it’s fun and it’s stupid — SO STUPID! — but I’m also ready to say goodbye to it. The past few seasons have gotten increasingly sillier, and after seven seasons, I think it’s making its well deserved departure. But not if True Blood composer Nathan Barr has any say about it, because along with Stephen Moyer (who as we know starred in last December’s The Sound of Music whatever that was) he plans to bring True Blood back — in musical form! Hooray! Except the opposite of that!

From the AP:

“This was something that I pitched to HBO and (show creator) Alan Ball,” said composer Nathan Barr, speaking on the arrivals line at the “True Blood” season premiere Tuesday night in Hollywood. Barr has written the instrumental scores for the series’ entire seven seasons, the last of which debuts Sunday.

Barr said the musical will revolve around protagonist, telepath and waitress Sookie Stackhouse, portrayed in the series by Anna Paquin. But, Barr added, after seven seasons of twists, turns and characters for Sookie, it’s proven a challenge to trim the saga down.

“I think we’re really going to try to return to the roots of the show,” Barr commented.

All I know is that if this means that Sookie doesn’t die, there’s going to be a riot. Since I can count all of the musicals I enjoy on approximately two fingers, it’s safe to say this project probably isn’t for me. But I guess people’s moms who watch True Blood will probably enjoy it, anyway. Good job nailing down that 55+ female demographic, HBO.

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