Spoilers: There’s At Least One Character We Know Will Be Zombified In ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere

Minor Spoilers

When The Walking Dead returns on February 14, we already know that we can expect a bloodbath. There will be a massive purge of characters in the opening episode. We don’t know exactly who will die, and who may come back as a zombie, but we can expect to see at least one series regular to return as a zombie: Deanna Monroe.

As viewers may recall, in the midseason finale last year, Tovah Feldshuh’s character was bitten. Knowing she was about to die, she stayed back while the others planned an escape. When last we saw Feldshuh’s character, she was picking off a few zombies on her way to the zombie grave.

Monroe may be dead, but notice the necklace with the single pearl that she is wearing in her final shot in the midseason finale. Meanwhile, here’s a better shot of the shirt she is wearing in the midseason finale.

Viewers may recognize both the necklace and the shirt in a promo for the back half of season six.


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As can be seen there, it is clearly a zombified version of Deanna Monroe, meaning she probably wasn’t ripped to shreds by the oncoming zombies. Undoubtedly, we will see Tovah Feldshuh again in the midseason premiere. The question is: Who will have to put down the zombified version of her character? My money is on her son, Spencer, because Scott Gimple and Co. are cruel, cruel people!

The Walking Dead returns on Valentine’s Day.

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