‘Spongebob’ Meets ‘Watchmen’ Is An Interesting Peek Into Alan Moore’s Nightmares

This Spongebob / Watchmen collaboration between Rodrigo Huerta and Hans Van Harken is the sort of mashup that makes you wonder what folks are smoking. It’s also the sort of thing that makes you curse the heavens because you didn’t think of it.

Now of course, Spongemen Squarewatch is a riff on the Zack Snyder film as opposed to the Alan Moore comic. That doesn’t mean it is any less of a burden on Moore’s psyche. In fact, I would like to be in a room to see him watch this.

I’m almost certain that he’d destroy a Victorian antique chair against a marble bust of some goat demon and then proceed to eat beef jerky out of his beard. And if he thinks that’s bad, wait till he reads the sequel to Watchmen Babies called Before Watchmen Babies.

(Via El Cid)