Stacy Carosi Got Fired, Kinda

Despite strong ratings of late, producers of the CBS daytime gabfest “The Talk” have decided to shake things up and make some changes. Deadline reports that only co-hosts Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen will be returning for the third season, meaning that Leah Remini, aka “Saved by the Bell’s” Stacy Carosi, will not be brought back.
Now, I don’t know much about “The Talk.” As far as I can tell, it’s basically like “The View,” but with younger ladies. And when I say “as far as I can tell,” what I mean is “based on just sitting here and guessing because I really don’t feel like Googling this show to find out.” But what I DO know is that when there is TV news that involves someone who once had a fairly prominent role on “Saved by the Bell,” that means I have an opportunity to post some SBTB GIFs, mostly of Kelly Kapowski, without Matt yelling at me for trying to shoehorn in irrelevant stuff about the show. And you would be an insane person to assume I’m not going to do that. So yeah, click on through for that.
Oh, and also not being retained by “The Talk” is former “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” star Holly Robinson Peete, who to my knowledge never had a part on “Saved by the Bell” and therefore was justifiably not included in the banner pic or headline of this post.