‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Will Reportedly Connect To An Original Series Classic During Its First Season

Details have been spilling out about what we can expect from Star Trek: Discovery once it premieres on CBS and moves to the network’s All-Access streaming platform for the rest of its season. The decade gap between the new series and the original Star Trek won’t keep Discovery from hitting on some plot points from the adventures of Kirk and Spock, at least it won’t according to Bryan Fuller.

The mind behind the creative direction for the series is pointing to the original series episode “Balance Of Terror” as a “touchstone” for season one of Discovery to follow:


The episode marked plenty of firsts and major revelations for the original series. The tale pits Kirk and the Enterprise against a Romulan Bird of Prey that can cloak, a spin from the classic World War II film The Enemy Below featuring a United States battleship taking on a German submarine. For Trek fans, it was the first appearance of the Romulans on the series and it hinted at their destructive past relationship with Earth and the Federation according to Screen Rant:

In “Balance of Terror,” it’s explained that Earth and the Romulan Empire have been locked into an uneasy peace for nearly a century following a devastating war. While that war has been referenced numerous times in Star Trek canon, fans have never gotten to see it for themselves, though after its cancellation it was revealed that Enterprise would’ve explored this storyline.

So while Discovery won’t be going into detail about the actual war, it seems that the first season will tell a larger story that is connected to the Romulans and the effects of the peace established at the end of this conflict. It’s just another reason to get excited for the new entry in the Star Trek franchise, even if it has quite a lot of hype to live up to.

(Via Screen Rant / Ain’t It Cool News)