‘Star Trek Discovery’ Is Being Geared Up As A Cross-Media Offering Complete With Books And Comics

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So wait a second here, let’s get this straight; somehow Star Trek has been off of television and in limbo for over eleven years now all because CBS didn’t consider Star Trek to be a valuable television property after Enterprise didn’t exactly perform strongly, yet now Star Trek is cool again? There’s no room to complain, really, it’s a good thing that Star Trek Discovery will be kicking off in January of 2017 and hopefully have a long, strong run, but after the gap it feels like sort of a kick in the pants.

News about the new series has been slowly trickling out, everything from news about the female lead’s role in Starfleet to Shatner trying to talk himself into a cameo role, but now it seems that they’ve finally decided to go all-in with Star Trek after the admirable performance of J.J. Abrams’ film series. How much so? According to TrekMovie, the plan is to bring the story of Star Trek Discovery not only to television (well, streaming?), but to books and comics as well. The book deal is with Simon & Schuster, while the comic deal is with IDW to release tie-ins with the show.

This isn’t exactly a new concept, as there have been licensed Star Trek comics and books prior, but after this strange drought for Star Trek fans it’s nice to see that Star Trek will once again be featured in more of a manner than simply bombastic summer blockbusters every few years. Those are good and all, but the meat of Star Trek has always been the character-driven, episodic television series with the occasional big, exciting story arc.

That’s what they’ve promised to do, which is exciting, while also trying to “modernize” the show for 2017 audiences. You gotta admit that if you go back to watch old Star Trek series it can be a bit jarring at times and takes a few episodes (or an entire season) to adjust to how cheesy it all looks.

(Via TrekMovie)