The ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Lead Character Will Reportedly Be Called ‘Number One’

Make it so, Number One. For fans of a pre-J.J. Abrams Star Trek universe that’s an iconic, meaningful line that is perhaps one of the best Star Trek jokes in existence. As it turns out, the showrunner, Bryan Fuller, for the upcoming Star Trek Discovery has a fond understanding of this and wants to make it an even more iconic name; he reportedly wants to name the show’s main character “Number One.”

The fine folks at Ain’t It Cool News have spilled a bucket full of LEGOs worth of Star Trek Discovery news out into the wild and there is a lot to digest. While we already knew that the show would have a female lead, what she would be called is another thing entirely. Reportedly, she’ll be called “Number One” in reference to Majel Barrett’s character in the original Star Trek pilot, meaning that she’ll probably be a first officer aboard a ship. Barrett was an integral part of Star Trek (beyond marrying creator Gene Roddenberry), appearing in every incarnation of Star Trek on television, with her most famous role being the mother of Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi.

The phrase, of course, carried on and was made famous by Patrick Stewart throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation, calling his first officer, William Riker, Number One at just about every turn. Think of it as a meme before there were memes.

The other news that can be gleaned is that the show will be 13 episodes in the first season, which is a little over half the length of the usual Star Trek season. On top of that, it’ll probably be the first live-action Star Trek series that won’t feature a time travel episode in the season, which is perhaps the best news imaginable. That means no Temporal Prime Directive. No word on if there will be holosuite or alternate universe episodes, though. We will, reportedly, be learning the Star Trek Discovery lead’s actual name after a while, though. That’s a good thing. Not many people in Star Fleet go entirely by their designation.

(Via Ain’t It Cool News)