Bryan Fuller Hints His ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ TV Series Will Be Yet Another Prequel

Trekkers have been waiting a very long time to find out “what happens next” in the Star Trek universe. Since the 1999 finale of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, basically. Sure, Star Trek: Voyager pushed the timeline ahead a bit further, but most of that show was spent telling one long side-story in the Delta Quadrant. Since the Voyager‘s 2001 finale, everything Star Trek related has been a prequel or part of an alternate timeline (or both).

When it was revealed the Bryan Fuller-produced Star Trek: Discovery would take place in the original Star Trek timeline, many fans hoped we would finally see a continuation of the story that’s been left hanging for 15 years, but new evidence seems to point to Star Trek: Discovery being yet another prequel. Ain’t It Cool News asked Fuller to clarify when Discovery is set, and here’s his succinct answer.

“There’s a big clue in the number of the ship, that indicates when we’re set.”

As you can see in the picture above, the USS Discovery is model number NCC-1031. Meanwhile, the classic Enterprise was NCC-1701, so it seems as if Star Trek: Discovery will be happening well before The Original Series. It’s not clear where Discovery takes place in relation to previous prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise, as that show’s ship wasn’t an NCC model (its number was NX-01).

Aside from indicating Star Trek: Discovery‘s place in the timeline, the NCC-1031 model number may be interesting for another reason. Hardcore Trekkies know that Section 31 is the name of Star Fleet’s super-secret spy operation, so will they play into Star Trek: Discovery?

“There are aspects of our first season that, depending on how well versed you are in that mythology, you could either read into it a connection [to Section 31]. Or not.”

It’s a little disappointing that we’re once again going back, rather than forward. I realize having to deal with the massive amount of continuity and backstory Star Trek has accumulated over the years is a tall order, but isn’t boldly going forward what Star Trek is all about? That said, based on the above info, it sounds like Star Trek: Discovery may be about an early, slightly more militaristic Federation, that maybe hasn’t quite sorted out all its high-minded ideals yet. That could be interesting.

Fuller has promised to reveal more Star Trek: Discovery on August 10. The show is expected to premiere in January 2017.

(Via Ain’t It Cool News)