‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Reveals A Thrilling New Trailer At Comic-Con, As Well As An Important ‘Trek’ Milestone

Star Trek: Discovery‘s initial voyage has been a bit rocky at first (losing your big get showrunner can do that to a franchise), but a brand new trailer for the CBS All Access series looks it could be worth the early headaches.

The latest bit of sneak peekery from the upcoming series leans hard on the subject of change in its narrative, but also includes loads of space havoc and our first proper introduction at Rainn Wilson as con artist extraordinaire Harry Mudd. Sonequa Martin-Green’s Lt. Commander Michael Burnham gets a lot of the spotlight (the trailer has our hero ticking a lot of Trek badass boxes down to the standard brig sentence), although the Klingons take up a reasonable portion of promotional video real estate.

The trailer was a sparkly crown jewel to today’s Star Trek Discovery panel which included some added insight on what this era of Trek holds for Trekkies/Trekkers when the series premieres on September 24. One major milestone that will be hit by the sci-fi offering is Anthony Rapp’s character Lt. Stamets being the first openly gay character in Trek TV history. His love interest on the program will be a Starfleet officer played by My So-Called Life‘s Wilson Cruz. (Both are Rent alums, doncha know?) More out LGBTQ2 characters is definitely a good call for Star Trek, especially if they want to really have their eye on the future.