‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Reveals Who Sonequa Martin-Green Is Playing

We’ve known for a while that Walking Dead‘s Sonequa Martin-Green will be the lead of Star Trek: Discovery, but we haven’t learned who she’s playing. Now that she’s off The Walking Dead, that can be revealed, and it’s a fairly intriguing choice.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Martin-Green will be playing First Officer Michael Burnham, second-in-command of the ship and the focus of the show’s plotlines. She’ll be serving under Jason Isaacs as the captain, which means that for once a Federation ship won’t constantly beam down its key officer to deal with a minor situation. Seriously, guys, delegate, nobody likes a micromanager. Burnham will be part of Trek‘s traditional diverse cast, including the first openly gay officer, action star Michelle Yeoh in an as-yet-unknown role, and presumably at least one person who looks good naked.

The main question now is when exactly we’ll be seeing Michael (and yes, Michael can be a woman’s name) on streaming. The show had been delayed in part due to Martin-Green’s commitments to The Walking Dead, but now that those are over with, presumably we can shift into high gear. Hopefully we’ll soon have a release date, so we can figure out how long it’ll take for the full series to upload, so we can just stream the whole thing in a weekend.

(via Entertainment Weekly)