A New ‘Star Trek’ TV Show Is In The Works, Will Arrive Shortly After The Series’ 50th Anniversary

The recent Star Trek movies have been good, explosion-packed fun, but at its heart, Star Trek is a TV franchise. Unfortunately, TV has been Trekless for more than a decade. Well, rejoice Trekkies, because after much cajoling and complaining by fans, it looks like Star Trek will be returning to the small screen some time soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Kurtzman, one of the producers behind the rebooted Star Trek films, is developing a Star Trek TV series, which will deliver a “new take” on the franchise. The series is being set up through CBS Television Studios, and the first episode will air on the network. Subsequent episodes with air on CBS’ streaming and video on-demand service CBS All Access.

The plan is for the new Star Trek series to debut in January 2017, only a few short months after the franchise’s 50th anniversary. (The first episode of Star Trek: The Original Series aired Sept. 8, 1966).

There’s little word on what the premise of this new show will be, or if it will take place in the original Star Trek continuity, the new movie continuity, or a new universe entirely. All we know is that it will stick to the familiar “exploring the final frontier and having crazy adventures while doing so” format of most Star Trek series. In other words, everybody but Deep Space Nine diehards (sob) should be happy.

What about you folks? Excited for the prospect of a new Star Trek TV show? What form do you think it should take? Unless you say “A cooking show starring Neelix,” there are no wrong answers.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)