‘Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Wants A Worf TV Series To Happen

Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation) has been shopping around a TV series based on his character for several years. He sat down with Cinema Source to update everyone on the status of that project (it has not been greenlit, for instance.) The unfortunately named “Captain Worf” would take place after the events of Deep Space Nine and before Star Trek: Nemesis, possibly in an alternate universe.

Dorn’s also suggested having a love interest (Klingon, of course) for Worf, and setting the show in an updated Klingon society (that has integrated humans and other Starfleet personnel.) The challenge for Worf would be adjusting to his new life. The project allegedly has interest from CBS and Paramount, but not enough to fund a pilot, which would more than likely be F/X heavy and expensive. Dorn throws out the number $3 million in his interview.

A Klingon-based television show could be terrific, especially if Paramount wants to go the less campy, “less Trekky Trek” route with a new episodic adventure. The title “Captain Worf” needs a lot of work, though.

Fans have started a hashtag, #WeWantWorf, to support the project. Qapla’, Trek nerds. The video’s worth watching just to hear Worf use the f-word:

(Via Screen Rant)