Conan Takes Comic-Con Inside The All-Star Audition Process For Han Solo

In honor of his week at Comic-Con, Conan decided to share a look at the audition process for the upcoming Han Solo spin-off in the Star Wars franchise. As we learned at Celebration the week before, there were nearly 3,000 auditions ahead of Alden Ehrenreich winning the role.

Conan gives some of the biggest names to sit on his couch a chance to audition themselves, including Adam Sandler, 50 Cent, Bill Hader, and Melissa McCarthy. Can you imagine if they turned Han Solo into a lady? We’d never survive. That said, Kumail Nanjiani would be great.

The finest audition belongs to Jeff Goldblum, who didn’t even bother to take off his jacket for his fake showing. He does seem very happy to be involved at any capacity, though, so he wins out. He’d also make the best Han Solo, no doubt. Better than Adam Sandler and his “Billy Madison in space” take on the role. Besides, it’ll be rough when the later Han Solo films start taking a lazier path and keep trying to shoehorn Rob Schneider into different roles with a whole new slate of terrible accents.

All of this aside, Jodie Foster cursing and just spouting random Harrison Ford lines is worth watching the video. She seems like a lot of fun and Contact was a pretty cool movie up until the ending. Much respect.

(Via Team Coco)